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[10 Oct 2011 | 4 Comments]
10+ Best iPhone 4S Apps

With the release of the new iPhone 4S, App Store has been topped up with hundreds of new apps. With over 500,000 apps finding the best ones is no doubt a tough and time consuming task. So, in order to make it easier for you people we have listed some of the best …

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[8 Oct 2011 | No Comment]
Banned iPhone 4S Promo [Video]

The guys are back with an amazing iPhone 4S video. Check this out and don’t forget to comment your favorite part. My favorite part is the camera guy, when he says ‘this thing has five lenses….’ What’s yours?

[via iDB]

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[7 Oct 2011 | One Comment]
30+ Best HD Wallpapers for iPhone 4S

We have already posted some great themes and wallpapers for Windows and Mac and now is the time to treat you people with some of the finest and amazing wallpapers for your iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S was released few days ago at the event titled as ‘Let’s Talk iPhone‘ with hundreds of new features and a new design. …

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[5 Oct 2011 | 4 Comments]
10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

We were all expecting a new iPhone 5 at the event ‘Let’s Talk iPhone‘, but it seems that we have to wait more for it. iPhone 4S was released which is similar in design to the iPhone 4, but twice as fast and up to seven times better in graphics. …

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[4 Oct 2011 | No Comment]
iOS 5 GM Direct Download Links For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Just moments ago Apple in the event ‘Let’s Talk iPhone‘ previewed all the features of the new iOS 5 and said that it would be available from October 12th. It seems that Apple has already uploaded the iOS 5 Gold Master and made them available to developers.

iOS 5 was announced …

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[30 Sep 2011 | 13 Comments]
Amazon Kindle: Lighting a Fire Under the Book Community

A few days ago Amazon announced an unprecedented deal on all of its eReader devices. For the first time ever its line of Kindles will be priced according to ability, features, and date of release. For literary enthusiasts, librarians, and teachers all over the world, this is a special occasion …

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[28 Sep 2011 | One Comment]
Watch iPhone 5 Launch Event 2011 Live Online

So, Apple is finally going to launch iPhone 5 on October 4th – 2011. The event is titled as ‘Let’s Talk iPhone‘, in which Apple has sent out a number of invitations to media people. For all Apple fans, who are anxiously waiting for the iPhone release can take a deep breath …

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[26 Sep 2011 | No Comment]
Does Windows 8 have a Business Future?

In early September, Microsoft delivered a public demo of Windows 8, the next version of its operating-system. Considering Windows is in use across the globe, news of a new edition is a big deal – not only for Microsoft, but also for IT managers and business owners, who’ll have to decide …

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[22 Sep 2011 | No Comment]
10 Best Online Shopping Stores

Online shopping has greatly affected the way we all buy stuff. With the ease of online shopping we can buy stuff, gadgets, goods etc. from sellers in real-time without any hurdle. Over the past few years online shopping has become a commonplace, where people save time easily by going through …