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[6 Jul 2010 | 36 Comments ]
How to Fix blackra1n ASL.dll Error

When jailbreaking iPhone using blackra1n most of us would have noticed that sometimes we get an error while running the blackra1n.exe:
The program can’t start because ASL.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Which further leads to the following window if we run blackra1n.

Usually this error occurs …

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[4 Jul 2010 | One Comment ]
8 Free Softwares to Backup your System Drivers

We know that sometimes when we install windows on our system after formatting the old one, we have to make backup of our software and reinstall all the device and windows drivers. In order to avoid the loss of your hardware devices along with the inactivity of softwares associated with …

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[22 Jun 2010 | 7 Comments ]
Evernote is now available for Apple iOS4!

Evernote have announced their app “Evernote” which is now available for the latest version of Apple iOS4.  In addition to new features of Evernote, some older known bugs have been removed. Evernote is helping you to captures everything in a single place.

Key Features

Use Evernote to create, edit and update text, …

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[18 Jun 2010 | 2 Comments ]
How To Save Windows Error Logs

While using Microsoft Windows, we usually experience some errors that pop out of nowhere in front of us on the screen. These errors are followed up by a dialog message box that advices you to send the error report to Microsoft for error processing. Usually these types of errors occur …

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[13 Jun 2010 | No Comment ]
OpenWays: Smartphone App as Room-Key

For years, hotel security has been a big issue in the hotel chains. We always have to swipe our room cards to open the door. Even nowadays in some hotel we need a key to open a door. Many hotels are now using new technology to unlock rooms using Smartphone.

According …

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[13 Jun 2010 | 3 Comments ]
Paint.NET – Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

Hi folks,
Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for Windows based computers. Paint.NET is, by far, one of the most popular image editing tool ever. It was released in 2004 and by May 2006, it has been downloaded at least 2 million times.

Paint.Net was a project by a university student …

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[12 Jun 2010 | One Comment ]
Google Chrome Portable

Hi folks,
Google Chrome is one of the most popular Web Browser in the world. It is an open source web browser based on WebKit rendering engine (used in Apple Safari). The biggest reason for its success is its ease of use and light weight.
Google Chrome offers a variety of features …

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[6 Jun 2010 | 2 Comments ]
KeyPass- Best Free Password Manager

Hi folks,
The world of computers and internet is growing tremendously and demand of security is higher than ever before. Consequently, every user on the internet has to maintain a huge list of passwords to gain access to certain websites and services. Today, the average internet user needs a password for …

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[5 Jun 2010 | No Comment ]
Windows Live Mail for Gmail

Hi folks,
We have discussed Window Live Mail for Hotmail before. Today we’ll be looking at using Windows Live Mail for Gmail.
Using Windows Live Mail for Gmail is easy and straight forward. It gives you all the benefits of a regular email client. It also serves your needs to have one …