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[7 Jan 2011 | 3 Comments ]
15 HD Windows 7 Wallpapers for 2011

In one of our previous article, we listed some of the best free Windows 7 themes. Today, we are showcasing another list of HD Windows 7 Wallpapers for 2011.
Regardless of the fact that Windows 7 itself has some awesome and eye-catching wallpapers, do you think that these are enough to …

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[17 Dec 2010 | 28 Comments ]
Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks: Change Logon Screen

Hi and welcome back to another article in the series of Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks. Today, we’ll be covering the easiest and simplest way to change the background of you windows login screen.
Since Windows XP, windows login screen has been a beautiful entry point to your desktop. The …

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[22 Nov 2010 | No Comment ]
7 Amazing Microsoft Kinect Hacks

Since the release of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360, ‘hacking’ Kinect has become the most popular activity all over the internet. Developers from all over the world are working hard to hack Kinect. Amazing videos are being uploaded on the internet, showing what a hacked Kinect can do.
At first Microsoft was not happy …

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[21 Nov 2010 | 5 Comments ]
Microsoft Windows: Happy 25th Anniversary

The first Microsoft Windows was released to the world in November 1985. It has been 25 years since the obnoxious Operating System aka Microsoft Windows is around. The very first version i.e. Windows 1.0 was not actually an Operating System but only a GUI program that runs on top of …

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[9 Nov 2010 | No Comment ]
Windows Phone 7 Now Available in the U.S.

No doubt there is some serious work going on in the Smarthphone arena with iPhone and Android competing head to head. In all this heated battle, there is another competitor in the market: Microsoft Windows Phone 7.
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is now officially available in several smartphones at Microsoft Store. …

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[3 Nov 2010 | No Comment ]
Kinect for Xbox 360 launching Thursday 4-Nov

Microsoft announced the launch of Kinect back in July and now Kinect for Xbox 360 goes on sale in North America tomorrow. According to Microsoft, Kinect for Xbox 360 will be launching in North America on Thursday, 4th of November.
Kinect for Xbox is  a kind of game control that requires …

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[17 Oct 2010 | 2 Comments ]
Facebook and Bing’s Plan to Make Search Social

Web is a collection of related html documents containing information from every domain of life. The web is so giant that it is a  science in itself to find the right information. Search Engines do this job for you because they employ sophisticated algorithms to judge the right content. The …

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[13 Oct 2010 | 3 Comments ]
Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks: 10 killer ways to Increase Disk Space

Today, we have come up with another interesting episode from the series of Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks. We’ll be talking about tips and trick that save hard disk space. Below are the 10 killer tips that you can use to free up your hard disk space if you …

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[11 Oct 2010 | No Comment ]
Samsung and LG Windows Phone 7 Smartphones [Leaked]

We discussed about Microsoft Windows Phone 7 release and possible list of Manufactures. Microsoft is suppose to announce Windows Phone 7 today. While Windows Phone 7 is about to be launched, LG and Samsung Smart Phones for Windows Phone 7 have already appeared on the Internet.
The two companies were listed …