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[26 Sep 2011 | No Comment ]
Does Windows 8 have a Business Future?

In early September, Microsoft delivered a public demo of Windows 8, the next version of its operating-system. Considering Windows is in use across the globe, news of a new edition is a big deal – not only for Microsoft, but also for IT managers and business owners, who’ll have to decide …

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[3 Aug 2011 | No Comment ]
Windows 7 Service Pack 1 ISO Released [Direct Download Links]

Good news for the Windows user, Microsoft has made available the Windows 7 integrated with all the up-to-date updates that are included in the Windows 7 Service Pack 1. This SP1 is available for all version of Windows 7: Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate, all three available in x64 and x86.

You might …

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[9 Jul 2011 | No Comment ]
5 Features of Windows 8: Making It Very Easy For Average Users

We often fear that a new operating system will be more difficult to use, and we fear that we will have to relearn how to use it. This is often after we feel we just got used to the current system we have. While Windows 8 may appear very different, …

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[20 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]
Download Windows 8 Menu for Windows 7 and Customize it, Adding Custom Icons & Menus

Windows 8 is expected to be released by September 2012 and yesterday, we told you people about the Windows 8 theme, and how to get if for Windows 7. Today, we are going to tell you people about the Windows 8 Menu and how to get it for Windows 7. …

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[16 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]
Microsoft Launches Kinect SDK For Windows

So here is another Good News for Today ! Microsoft has just announced a new SDK for Windows. This will allow the programmers to take input from the Kinect. This SDK kit includes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) along with the technical documentation, Drivers to use Kinect with Windows 7 platform, and …

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[10 Mar 2011 | No Comment ]
Internet Explorer 9 launching March 14

Internet Explorer 9, the next version of Microsoft’s Web Browser, the possible game changer for Microsoft in web browsing arena; is to be launched on 14th March 2011 which is, by the way, next Monday, according to a blog post by Microsoft.

Let us see what the company itself has to …

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[11 Feb 2011 | One Comment ]
Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks: Use Sticky Notes Effectively

Windows 7 is one of the best products that came out from Microsoft. Along with it, came a very handy application called “Sticky Notes”.
Sticky Notes is a very handy and useful application for almost all kind of users. It allow you to take notes quickly and easily without getting into …

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[28 Jan 2011 | No Comment ]
Microsoft Thinking to Bring Office to Mac App Store

Microsoft released Office 2011 for Mac in October Last Year, and now they are considering whether to bring Office to the  Mac App Store. Since the launch of Mac App Store, it has counted 30 percent of the total sales.  As office is not available on the App Store, so people …

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[20 Jan 2011 | No Comment ]
Create & Organize Notes on iPhone with OneNote

Microsoft has released OneNote app for iPhone. This easy to use app allows you to create, view and organize your notes on iPhone. Beside text you can also add images, bullets and check-boxes in your notes. You can also sync your notes with free Windows Live Online storage and access them …