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Vine In A Battle With Instagram

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capture explore 380x244 Vine In A Battle With Instagram

Vine, Twitters video sharing app has introduced new features to the app. The update includes camera redesigning, different categories for vine genres and the ability to revine people’s existing Vines.

The first redesign in the update that catches the eye is the redesigning of the camera. It has been redesigned for hard core creators to frame their shot which is important with stop animation. The update also brings a grid which lets you the ability to focus.

The ghost tool lets you view your previous snap shot but there is no editing within Vine unlike Instagram.

Vine has included 15 channels in the app, that lets you submit posts to the Explore screen with a better chance of being noticed by Viners.

The categories include music, comedy, nature, and more. Each category has got its own theme and popular feed, which gives you different options to get noticed on Vine

With ‘On the Rise category’ you can check people who are getting famous on Vine.

Viners can share a Vine in their feed with their followers but now with added privacy.

Vine has introduced content privacy by letting you choose, who you share with, your content. Before this anything shared was public to the Vine community.

Now by changing the settings in (Profile >Settings >Your Content) and it will only be visible to your followers.

It’s a long debate whether Instagram is hearting Vines consumer base or not. We can only wait and watch what Instagram or Vine can do to fight and win the consumer base but for now, with the launch of Insta Video, Instagram has got an edge over Vine in the battle.

The interested users can update the Vine app on iTunes.

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