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iPhone 5 Expected to Launch at WWDC 2012 [Rumor]

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So, finally good news for people who are waiting for the new iPhone, according to the analyst, iPhone 5 is expected to be released at WWDC 2012 which is going to be held in June 2012. The sources say that the new iPhone will have a glass-to-glass touch panel, so we can expect the display to be larger than the iPhone 4S. As for the previous WWDC which was held back in June 2011, Apple ended up saying – No new iPhone turned out be a very unhappy event for the Apple fans despite the release of the iOS 5.iPhone 5 286x380 iPhone 5 Expected to Launch at WWDC 2012 [Rumor]

Back in the event of Let’s Talk iPhone in which iPhone 4S was released, a lot of people were expecting iPhone 5 to be released, but that didn’t happen. iPhone 4S, which was considered to be an unwanted phone proved to be wrong. On the very first two days after the release approx. two millions devices were activated. So, no matter what Apple releases in future, people are going to buy that iDevice.

So, the question is – if iPhone 5 is going to be released in June 2012 what changes can we expect? The first things comes in mind is the display. The glass-to-glass touch panel will probably increase the size of the screen thus providing better graphics. As far as the camera is concerned, the iPhone 4S has an 8 MP camera, so I guess that the camera could be around 8 to 13 MP.

If you are planning to buy the iPhone 4S model and are confused asyou should wait for the newer iPhone or not, I would suggest you to buy the present iPhone because we can’t really wait for the iPhone 5 for five more months – damn we are so addicted to the Apple products. The official dates are not out yet, but we will keep you updated on the features of iPhone 5 and the upcoming Apple event.

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