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4 Tips that Can Help Increase Your Guest Post Approval Rate

Posted by: 22 November 2011 One Comment

Whatever niche you are blogging in, I can ascertain you must consider guest blogging a promotion method. One of the easiest and natural ways of strengthening one’s SEO is through guest blogging. Many bloggers have quickly learned the true benefits of guest blogging and have spared no efforts in using it to promote their blogs. As usual, guest blogging being something that has become a popular method of marketing, it has been abused by those who are always looking for shortcuts to everything they do.
This has made the guest post approval rate become strict because bloggers would go through some scrutiny before their guest posts are approved. If you are always finding it difficult to get bloggers approve your articles you might want to learn how I do it to promote my weight watchers discounts and diet to go coupons blog.

Guest Post 246x250 4 Tips that Can Help Increase Your Guest Post Approval Rate

1. Show Sincere Value

Most bloggers love to have guest writers contribute to their sites, but they would always give more attention to you when they perceive a sincere value in you. How do you make bloggers perceive value in you when you are offering to write on their blogs?
You will want to make bloggers perceive true value in you by making them know that you are not just there to write articles because of the backlinks you want to get from their blogs. Tell them you love their blogs, their readers and the quality of articles they always put on their blogs and make them know that you can contribute something of same value to them.
You should also allow bloggers to know that you want to contribute guest posts for them on regular bases. Of course, you should only say this if you mean it otherwise the sincerity in it is no more there.

2. Follow Provided Guidelines

Bloggers basically provide the guidelines they want their “to-be” guest authors to follow. If you can’t follow these guidelines, your guest post is bound to be rejected. If you want a blogger to consider publishing your article on their blog, you are expected to religiously follow the provided guidelines.

3. Write Lengthy and Informative Articles

You want to know the type of articles bloggers are expecting from you? They are articles that are lengthy in words. Spend time describing your points. This will help make your articles have more words and appear fleshy. But this doesn’t mean you should be too superfluous. Only use words where they are needed.
If you want your articles to get more approval rates, you should write how-to articles or top 10 and list articles. These type of articles get approved easily because most bloggers don’t have time to write them but they love to have them on their blogs.

4. Be Honest

There is no benefit you get from being dishonest. When you say a thing, always make sure you mean it. Don’t promise that you will submit more articles in the future when you have no plan to do so. When you are not true to your words, bloggers will learn not to trust you which will impact your guest post approval rates negatively.

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