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10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

Posted by: 5 October 2011 2 Comments

We were all expecting a new iPhone 5 at the event ‘Let’s Talk iPhone‘, but it seems that we have to wait more for it. iPhone 4S was released which is similar in design to the iPhone 4, but twice as fast and up to seven times better in graphics. So, if you are planning to buy the new iPhone4S, you would probably want some cool things to mod up your iPhone and make it look even better than the iPhone 4, though both of them are similar in design. How about some nice and cool cases, which can protect your iPhone from scratches ?

There are a number of cases out there like the leather cases, wood cases, aluminum cases, rubber cases, etc. but finding the best one from the tons of the new cases which arrived in the market along with the release of the new iPhone is a very difficult and time consuming job. In order to make it easier for you people we have listed down some of the best iPhone 4S cases which can make you forget about the iPhone 5 (for the time being).

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1. Candy Shell Case for iPhone 4S

With this case, you would not need your wallet as it has a extra slot to put your cash and credit cards with your iPhone. The slot can let you stash up to three credit cards. It feels hard but has soft center, and is a pretty cool case for your new iPhone. But it from here.

Price: $39.95

candy shell iPhone case 380x380 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

2. Tough Skin Case for iPhone 4S

If you are looking for a tough iPhone 4S case, than this is the right case for you. Speck’s Tough case for iPhone 4S has a dual protective layer keeping your phone safe from breaking even if it falls. The case is made up of rubberized material allowing you a firm grip over your phone. The good thing about the case is that the dual layers are detachable. If you are travelling you might want to keep both of them intact to keep your phone safe. Buy it from here.

Price: $ 39.95

tough skin iphone 380x380 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

3. Incase Bird’s Nest Snap Case for iPhone 4S

This case gives your iPhone a unique look. The case itself is made up of very light weight material. The back side of your phone is visible, making it a contrast with your iPhone color. If you want an ultra light case, than this is the one you should be looking for. But it from here.

Price: $ 34.95

Icase bird nest snap case 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

4. Angry Birds Case for iPhone 4S

Whether you are talking about games on Android, iOS or Chrome, Angry birds is at the top of the list. If you love playing angry birds you might want to consider buying this case, as it is ultra slim, light weight and allows you to access all the ports. But it from here.

Price: £24.99

angry birds case 443x380 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

5. Case-Mate iPhone 4S Stand Case

This is a very slim case, with built-in stand and made up of flexible plastic material, allowing you to access all the ports while the case is on the iPhone. If you are the person who love to watch movies/videos on your iPhone, this might be the case you should buy, because all you have to do is put it on stand, sit back and watch your favorite movies. But it from here.

Price: $30.00

iPhone case mate 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

6. Cygnet Molecule Case for iPhone 4S

This case is made up of soft silicone housing that does not stick with your iPhone. Available in blue, purple, red, orange, grey and white colors, this case instantly changes your iPhone look. The light weight case adds a protective shield for your iPhone, but it’s a bit slippery. But it from here.

Price: $19.99

molecule iphone4 black 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

7. Griffin Elan Form Case for iPhone 4S

This case has a dual layer protective shell, which can give your iPhone 4S double protection. The two layers are made up of synthetic and polycarbonate, allowing you to access all the buttons and facilities. Buy it from here.

Price: $34.95

Griffin Elan Form Case 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

8. Pixel Skin for iPhone 4S

This case has a smooth surface with matte pixel covered all over the body. The case fits on your iPhone 4S nice and easy giving it a very rubbery look. The good thing about this rubber case is the firm grip that you have while holding the phone in your hands. Buy it from here.

Price: $24.95

pixel skin iPhone case 380x380 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

9. FabShell Burton for iPhone 4S

Another iPhone 4S case from Speck, made it on the best iPhone 4S cases. This case is a flexible, and gives your phone a fashionable look, which not only maximizes attractiveness, but also adds protection. The case cover the buttons with a thin layer, protecting them from scratches and dust. You can use all the ports and buttons while the case is still over your phone. But it from here.

Price: $ 39.95

Fabshell Burton Case 380x380 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

10. Aurora Glow-in-the-Dark Case for iPhone 4S

This iLuv’s case has a pattern that illuminates in dark giving your iPhone a unique look. The case is made up of silicone that protects your iPhone from scratches and dust. The lightweight case adds negligible amount of thickness to the iPhone4S. Buy it from here.

Price: $ 29.99


Aurora Glow dark iPhone case e1317791984111 10 Best iPhone 4S Cases


These were some of the best cases for iPhone 4S. iPhone is expensive so why don’t protect it with something that keep it nice and safe. If you are using any case that is not mentioned above, do tell us about it.

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