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4 Top Computer Security Software of 2011

Posted by: 31 August 2011 5 Comments

Every computer and internet user experiences some kind of threats at one or the other time. This might occur due to unsafe usage or lack of computer security software installed. People, especially the home users usually download the free version of software. But they should not forget updating the software as it allows the software to face the new challenges. Most of the users, due to lack of time or awareness do not update the software at the right time. This condition will surely lead to virus attack and make way for the hackers.

New viruses, adware, spyware and Trojans are created by miscreants daily. Such thousands of virus should be erased or blocked from entering the computer. But, nowadays the software is much redefined to fight all the new viruses and also increases the speed and performance of the computer.

Before buying computer security software, check for the advanced heuristic checking feature. They should protect the system from almost all viruses. It should be easy to install and use. It should provide better online or phone or email support. Keeping all these in view the following software like Bit Defender, Kaspersky, Web-root and Norton have been rated the best computer security software of 2011.

1. Bitdefender

bitdefender logo 580x123 4 Top Computer Security Software of 2011

Its latest version offers total security. It blocks the new viruses and other malware that cannot be detected by other computer security software. It offers parental control for kids monitoring. It eliminates the virus and uncovers new virus and restricts it entry. To provide safe computing it minimizes the problems and prolongs battery life. People mainly in the business circuit use this software to defend their business of malware. It eliminates the spam and does not allow the hackers entry. Business firms need more than the minimal virus detection hence, this software also audits the software and hardware assets. Automatic scanning and updates are done on routine basis.

2. Kaspersky

kaspersky logo e1314813813312 360x380 4 Top Computer Security Software of 2011

It provides complete internet security against hackers and malware. The premium protection is a combination of cloud based technology and with antivirus. Online shopping, trading, money transactions, and chatting can be carried on with peace. This software warns you of phishing attacks during the browsing. Your personal information is safe and chatting on social network sites is also monitored. Even if any malware attacks the computer, then roll back option aids in saving the information lost. It also provides parental control to supervise the children activities online.

3. Webroot internet security complete 2011


webroot logo 380x74 4 Top Computer Security Software of 2011

It provides good back up to the internet files. It filters spam easily. It has high end password management. Firewall displays many pop-ups. It offers powerful antivirus software. Allows you to safely do shopping and money related transactions.

4. Norton antivirus 2011

Norton Antivirus 2011 4 Top Computer Security Software of 2011

Though this software is the top rated software all these years it lags from others in easy usage and online support. It is an innovative technology provider apart from common malware and hacker protection. It is an award winning antispyware software. It also has parental control application to have an eye on children’s internet usage.

This is a guest post by Olawale Daniel, who is a geek and loves reading about internet security tips online.

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    Thanks for sharing this awesome post on your blog for people to read :)

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    I’m surprised you didn’t mention NOD32. A lot of people say they’re the best. What do you think about them?

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    how is Microsoft security essential?? MSE is good enough. I am using it from 4 months and i am pleased with there service..

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    Nod32 is good. used it for a month. but now I am back to kaspersky

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    yeah it’s good too. but do you think its better than kaspersky ?