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10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

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Android, the latest and meanest OS from Google Inc has over taken a huge chunk of Smart Phones OS market. Android has a pretty big market where one can buy, or download for free, apps for his/her android based smartphone. Since the Market is too big, it is almost impossible to browse the entire market and read the reviews of apps before downloading those apps. It is even impossible to install all the apps on the market (your phone will be overwhelmed).

But there is some good news. You don’t have to download all of those apps to test and see which one suits you. We bring you a series of posts highlighting the best of the best apps from Android Market. These apps would help you have super fun and great deal of productivity from your smartphone. Below are a set of selected Free Apps that every Android user must have on their phones. These apps include games, social networking, and other cool apps for your Android Phone (in no particular order)

1. Angry Birds for Android

On top of our list is the Angry Birds game. This particular game is probably the most loved game for Android and the best part is that it is free (for Android only – you have to pay for it on iPhone). Download

angrybirds Android 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

2. Facebook for Android

Facebook, the social giant (doesn’t matter if Google+ is cool; Facebook is still the king of the game). Facebook for android is probably not the best of the apps but it does the trick and a must have app for all those social junkies out there. Download

facebook android 580x283 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

3. Foursquare

A great app, if you want to tell the world where you are, and want to know where your friends are. This app can overly simplify your need to find your friends when you visit a restaurant or go watch a movie. Download

Foursquare Android 580x283 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

4. Twitter

Everyone knows what twitter is. It is the micro-blogging tool that, because of its ease of use and great functionality, has managed to grab a pretty high place among social sites. This app lets you use Twitter even more efficiently. Don’t believe us? Try it and see for yourself. After all, it is free. Download

Twitter Android 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

5. Google Goggles

With this app you cab “Search the real world by taking a picture”. Goggles use image recognition technology to recognize objects and return relevant search results. With this app you can identify products, famous landmarks, storefronts, artwork, and popular images found online. Download.

Google Goggles Android 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

6. Google+

Yes, the young Google+ has its own app on the market. This one is again the best app can get. You’d be glad and would love to keep this app with you as this app revolutionizes the way social networks are used on smart phones. If Facebook has to compete with Google+, it must make its app at par with Google+. Download

Google Plus Android 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

7. Evernote

Allows you to take notes, do stuff that would make your life way easy. After all, what’s the purpose of a “SmartPhone” if its ain’t keeping your notes smartly? Try this app, you’d love it. Download

Evernote Android 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

8. Google Maps Navigation

An important job of a smartphone is to show you your way around the city or country side and bring you to your destination, efficiently. Google Maps for Android does more than that as it gives you routes based on congestion on roads. It is the most efficient way to organize your route. Download

Google Maps Android 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

9. Dropbox

Cloud! Cloud! Cloud! What on Earth is cloud? Don’t know, don’t care as long as my data is backed up and securely synced with my PC at home or workstation at office or my laptop in the park. Dropbox is the best utility that takes your files silently and moves them on the cloud. It also Syncs the files on your desktop with your Android powered phone. This is an efficient way to carry important files around without worrying for loss of data. Download

Dropbox Android 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

10. TweetDeck

This App is a social browser for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz. This App lets you stay in touch with what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook. If you want all your social feeds in one place, this is a must have app. Download

TweetDeck Android 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

(Bonus) WordPress for Android

IF you are a blogger and use WordPress as a platform, it is your holy duty to have this app on your smart phone. This is the best an app can get. Download

wordpress android 10 Must Have Free Apps For Android

Are you going to try out these apps? Do let us know about your experience.

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