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5 Features of Windows 8: Making It Very Easy For Average Users

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Windows 8 Build 6.2.7959 1303406273 312x250 5 Features of Windows 8: Making It Very Easy For Average UsersWe often fear that a new operating system will be more difficult to use, and we fear that we will have to relearn how to use it. This is often after we feel we just got used to the current system we have. While Windows 8 may appear very different, with features like Virtual Desktop, and a whole lot more, Windows 8 will be very easy to use, even for users who are not confident computer users.

Windows 8 will have a number of changes. There will be some people who feel these changes are a radical difference, and some time will be required to learn and adapt. This is a usual and common fear, particularly among those who are not confident with using their computer. In reality, this will probably not be the case for just about every user. There are standard features, such as Virtual Desktop Windows 8, that will allow us to use Windows 8 like we always did, and some other features of the new operating system, that will be very easy for us to use immediately. Here is a look at those issues, to help allay any fears you may have.

  • Virtual Desktop: Windows 8 will allow you to switch your interface, into the way it always has been if you are uncomfortable with the way you need to use it, after installation. The new interface will appear very different to people who have been using a computer and not been using a smartphone or tablet in the past.
  • AppsMost of us are already used to using online applications without being aware of the fact. Facebook is probably the best example of that. You can expect there will be many online applications available. Office 365, is the best example of that – Microsoft Office available only online as a cloud based application. All applications for Windows 8 will only be available from an Apps Store, and this will mean easier understanding of what applications are for what, where to get them from, and safety when installing them. An App Store also intrinsically leads to more user reviews, which means it will be easier to understand what is better for any new individual.
  • App Store: An App Store is actually one of the smartest ways to protect our machines. Anything that is installed onto our machines should come from the App Store. That means, even if there is something attempting to install onto our machine without our knowledge, such as some malware, our system will reject it. Although an App Store seems a commercial improvement, there is actually much more to it.
  • SmartScreen: Many normal users do not realise it is malware and other viruses in their computer that cause them most of their problems. SmartScreen filtering means the system of Windows 8 will have a network to check against before launching on your operating system. This will mean there is less chance of anyone installing something harmful onto their computer. This in turn, will result in a lot less problems.
  • Reset: One of the best thing for normal users, is when a problem arises. With one simple press of a button, a user will be able to reset their Windows 8 system back to the default settings. They won’t have to be trying to install and reinstall software, or attempt to reinstall their whole system. Add to this, there will be no loss of data or settings, we can see this is a fantastic new feature for the majority of users.

The Windows 8 operating system will be very easy to use for all devices. Even more importantly, all of your devices will be running on the same operating system. This will mean you will only have to understand one operating system to use them all very well. That is a big advantage of what we have available now.

Author Bio: Neel is a freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including Windows 8 and Virtual Desktop Windows 8.

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