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How To Get Your Own Google+ URL

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If you have signed up on Google+, you might have noticed the long numbers like 100575538772296702658 in your profile. As of yet, unlike Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. where you can choose URL of your choice, Google+ does not provide any option to change these URL. Mashable has just posted an alternate solution to this thing. This way, to some extent, provides you with a convenient option to give your Google+ URL to anyone. Off course you can’t remember the whole link, which contains a dozens of number, but you can remember links as that of Facebook, etc. So, in order to get your own Google+ URL, go to Gplus.to, you will see a screen like the one shown below. Gplusto 580x212 How To Get Your Own Google+ URL Copy your Google+ ID, which is a large number and paste it in the text box on the right. Now choose your Nick Name. Once you have chosen your nick name, click add. Now in order to check your URL, if it is working or not, go to Gplus.to/nickname. Like I have chosen Gplus.to/syedusman. This URL will direct to my profile. If you want to get your own, don’t waste any further time.

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