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10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

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So, you have just bought an iPad 2, and want some cool stuff so that your iPad looks more cool. How about some amazing cases, which gives your iPad a whole new look and feel, wouldn’t that be awesome. If you know about the original iPad 2 case which was released along with the iPad 2 at Apple Media Event, you might want to consider buying that if you don’t want your iPad to be any thicker, because there are some of the cases which are very amazing and awesome but they add a little bit thickness to the new, thinner & lighter iPad 2. We have listed some of the best iPad 2 cases, so check them out and enjoy.

1. Apple Smart Cover

The original iPad 2 case can cost you for $39, for a polyurethane case and $69 for a leather case. This case not only protects your iPad, but can also put your iPad 2 on sleep & wake, and can act as a stand.

Apple Smart Cover 10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

2. XtremeMac Thin Sleeve

If you are looking for a thin case, XtremeMac Thin Sleeve is the right case to go for. It is ultra-thin with a magnetic closure for iPad.

Price: $39.99

xtreme mac thin sleeve 501x380 10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

3. iPad Extreme Sleeve by G-Form

If you are the one, who travels a lot and need your iPad 2 with you all the time, than this might be the perfect case for you. It is soft, lightweight and moreover if you keep it in a bag with other stuff, it will protect your iPad from any force.

Price: $59.95

ipad extreme sleeve by G Form 380x380 10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

4. Marware MicroShell Folio

This is a smooth rubber case (from the back), which protects your iPad against scratches. This case works in the same manner as the Apple smart cover like; the case can act as a stand.

Price: $69.99

microshell folio ipad2 380x380 10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

5. Proporta Shine Case

iPad 2 case made from a high gloss and a leather style material. You can also access all your device buttons within the case. The case can be used as a stand too.

Price: $39.95

proporta shine case 290x380 10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

6. Grove iPad 2 Case

Grove iPad 2 case is smart, flexible, thin and secure iPad 2 case. You can also choose the choice of wood to be used in the case. It works in a same manner as the Apple smart cover.

Price: $99

Grove Bamboo iPad 2 Case 1 417x380 10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

7. Water Field iPad 2 Wallet

This is sort of wallet as the name suggest, with two safe pockets to keep your iPad and Apple wireless keyboard. It is available in black, copper, flame, green, pearl and pine.

Price: $79

waterfield ipad wallet 496x380 10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

8. Bubble Sleeve iPad 2 Case

It has soft exterior and rubber cushions that saves and protect your iPad 2 from impact. The good thing about this case is that, while using your iPad, it keeps your device in a single place(without any movement), making it easier for you to operate multi-touch.

Price: $49.95

BubbleSleeve 348x380 10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

9. Gear4 Angry Birds Case

So, you would probably have heard or played this famous game. Gear4 offers three type of Angry Birds iPad 2 cases. The first one is the Angry Birds iPad 2 Pig King vs. Red Bird, which has the picture of a bird and a red pig at the back, the second one is shown in the image below, while the third one is, Angry Birds iPad 2 Family, showing all the characters of the game.

Price: $34.99

redbird iPad2 Case 443x380 10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

10. Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather Case

This case is made from the finest quality leather, having an aluminum plate lining which protects the screen. It can also be used as a stand.

Price: $ TBA/ £ 59.95

proporta shine case 290x380 10 Amazing & Best iPad 2 Cases

If you know about any other case that we should also include, just leave us a comment.

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