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Firefox 5 Released and Available for Download – What is missing?

Posted by: 21 June 2011 2 Comments

firefox5 Firefox 5 Released and Available for Download   What is missing?Firefox 5 has just landed at the shores of, well, nevermind. It has been released and available for download. Firefox from mozilla is one of the most widely used and most loved web browser from the open source community. It is very popular for its Add-on base which include add-ons and extensiosn from complete social integrations to FTP add-ons and so on.
It was only yesterday (march 22nd) when Firefox 4 was launched. Mozilla seems to be following the trend of launching new versions of the browsers  aggressively. It may be due to the fact that one of its competitors, the Google Chrome, is launching new versions pretty quickly and thus keeping the average joe engaged for newer and better features and experience.

Sometime ago we discussed some of the Expected features of Mozilla Firefox 5. Those features included:

  • Social Sharing
  • Home Tab
  • PDF Viewer
  • Apps Tab

The Apps Tab feature is visible and also mentioned in the features list of Firefox 5. The PDF viewer is also there and is pretty nice to use. But where are the Home Tab and Social Sharing features. I can’t find these features, can you?

The newer versions of Mozilla Firefox will be coming pretty quickly now. Some reports suggest that Mozilla plans to launch Firefox 7 by the end of this year. So Hurry up and get the new and improved Firefox 5 before they launch a newer version. And don’t forget to let us know about your experience.

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  • Guest

    Where do I find the PDF viewer?

  • Guest

    Where do I find the PDF viewer?