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5 Features iOS 5 Copied from Android

Posted by: 7 June 2011 12 Comments

Apple, so far, has been the industry leader in innovation whether it was PCs, MP3 Players, Smart Phones or (new) Tablet Computers. Apple has always been seen as company that drives the industry toward new heights by introducing user friendly technologies.

iOS5 copies Anroid 580x293 5 Features iOS 5 Copied from AndroidBack in the days of boring command line computing, it was Apple that revolutionized the PC market by introducing Graphical User Interface. It was Apple’s innovation in the PC that led to a completely revolutionized way of using computers at home, work, and beyond . Apple was also the main force behind portable MP3 players with its line on iPod products. Afterwards, we saw every Tom, Dick, and Harry copying the idea and making cheap (or not so cheap) MP3 devices. The ERA of modern Smart Phones is also due to the innovative touch screen devices from Apple called the iPhone. The iPhone surely changed the market trend of Smart Phones and we saw great deal of innovation in touch screen devices – of course of all of which Apple was the leader up till now.

Unfortunately, the Industry leader has fallen behind in the race of innovation – at least in the smart phone arena. Apple introduced iOS 5 featrures  (at the recent World Wide Developers Conference 2011), the latest operating system for its handheld, touch screen devices (iPhone, iPad etc). The iOS 5, although introduced a number of new technologies that were applauded by a number of technology enthusiasts but also disappointed a great number of other people by following the footsteps of Android. Below are the features that iOS5 has “bought” from Android.

Notification Center

Notification Center 5 Features iOS 5 Copied from AndroidApple iOS 5, up till now, lacked a very important feature called the Notification Center. iOS’s previous notification system was a disaster. It interrupted whatever it was you were doing, it forced you to choose what to do right away, and there was no way to keep track of all of them in one single place. The notification center is responsible for keeping the notifications for your (such as missed call, SMS etc) while you are busy in another task (such as playing game) and Android had it long ago. Awesome feature, right? Well! Apple copied this feature from Android.

Lock screen

Launching apps right from the lock screen was something Android was good at. Samsung’s TouchWiz 4.0 and HTC’s Sense 3.0 both support this feature. Apple iOS 5 now does too. Do you know that Apple is suing both of these companies for copying iOS. Ironic, isn’t it?

Twitter integration

Android allows you to tweet from “where ever” you are in the phone. The Twitter Integration has been awesome in Android. Now the same is happening in iOS5. iOS users will be able to tweet from their browsers, photo gallery, YouTube and Google Maps. By the way, Android is still better in this due to its openness, any third party software can have this kind of integration.


Tabbed-Browsing is something Google Android introduced in the recently launched HoneyComb OS for Tablet Computers. Safari’s version for the iPad is getting it too. Well this is just an obvious feature to bring from the desktop version of Safari, but the iPad has been available for a long time and interestingly this feature is being introduced “after” Google has introduced it for HoneyComb based tablets. Yup!


In previous versions of iOS, one has to connect the phone to a PC to download software updates. Wait a minute! You need a PC in order to fully use a Smart Phone? lame! Apparently, this has been the ideology of Apple up until recently. Apple just got the brilliant idea to separate the two. Wait a minute once again! Isn’t this what Android has been doing for ages. Damn Right! Apple did it once again by following the footsteps of Android. Good going!

What do you say of a company which announces most of the features of an upcoming software / hardware in response to whatever the competitor is doing? Do let us know in comments!

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  • http://twitter.com/darius_sinclair Darius Sinclair™

    Haha. Nokia had 4 of these before Android and iOS were out.

  • t000

    time for the i-copycat

  • Guest

    Sorry, but before Android there was iOS. So who copied from whom? If Apple would not reinvented the phone we would have nokias with mini displays and mini keybords right away as it was in the past… And what: The realtime scrolling and the stability is not on android, its on the iOS…

  • http://www.tecrux.com Umair H. Peracha

    Agreed! the first part of post is full of praises for Apple. It is just that Apple was left behind by other companies in some features 

  • Smplydeep

    I do love apple products, but I said the same thing when I saw the IOS release

  • http://www.milehighsounds.com Reuben

    What about iCloud? That’s pretty much a copy of what has been integrated deeply in Google Mail and it’s service offerings for years.

  • Alivethruyou

    Do some research before commenting…android was in the works about a year before ios was…

  • http://www.tecrux.com Umair H. Peracha

    Care to share the things iOS copied from Android before this? Would love to know!

  • Bxcvs

    ios is based on BSD/Linux. So the biggest copier is Apple

  • Rob

    UNIX actually. Linux is based off UNIX, so is Mac OS X and so is Android. 
    Which came first? Mac OS

    I agree with the copying of the notification centre but many of these features were on the iPhone already but through jailbreaking (BossPrefs/SBsettings) so it’s not like Google had these wonderful breakthrough ideas, they were already floating around many years before.

  • http://www.tecrux.com Umair H. Peracha

    The idea was not to show who created the features but to highlight the fact that Apple missed the opportunity to be a leader in innovation this time and had to follow the path of others. Android Example is given because of the rivalry between the two Operating systems in terms of Market share. 

  • http://www.tecrux.com Umair H. Peracha

    The idea was not to show who created the features but to highlight the fact that Apple missed the opportunity to be a leader in innovation this time and had to follow the path of others. Android Example is given because of the rivalry between the two Operating systems in terms of Market share.