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Google working on Nexus Tablet [Rumor]

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nexus tablet Google working on Nexus Tablet [Rumor]There is a new rumor floating around the web that LG is working with Google to release a “Nexus Tablet“, branded by Google itself. There are already a number of Tablets in the market that are running on Android Honeycomb OS such as Motorola Xoom, LG G-Slate and Samsung Tab. But the important thing to note is that these tablets do not offer the real Honeycomb experience. There are some restrictions with the OS and these devices are not taking the full advantage of Honeycomb OS.  Moreover, the restriction from Google to change UI of Honeycomb tells some weired story about real honeycomb experience.

The new tablet would be available later summer or early fall and it will be the first to feature the official 3.1 Honeycomb update. The idea of a Nexus tablet sounds great for those who want a pure Google experience and timely upgrades from Google.

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