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Microsoft Thinking to Bring Office to Mac App Store

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Microsoft released Office 2011 for Mac in October Last Year, and now they are considering whether to bring Office to the  Mac App Store. Since the launch of Mac App Store, it has counted 30 percent of the total sales.  As office is not available on the App Store, so people are buying iWork components as an alternate to office.

 Microsoft Thinking to Bring Office to Mac App Store

Last week Microsoft released OneNote app for iPhone, which is available as a free download at the App Store. You may also like to check the detail features of OneNote in our earlier post.

According to All Things Digital:

Microsoft didn’t commit to releasing other titles for the iPhone, but said it is committed to bringing Office to more types of devices.

Microsoft senior director Jason Bunge said in an interview:

You can absolutely expect Office to expand its presence across other platforms.

We guess that Microsoft will bring Office to Mac App Store, but we have to wait and see if that really happens or not.

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