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10 Best Free Alternatives to Skype

Posted by: 1 January 2011 4 Comments

Skype is one of the most popular VoIP applications available on the web. Recently Skype suffered from an unexpected shut down. For those who are not happy with Skype, why not look through these Skype alternatives. Currently there are many apps available for free audio and video calling to landlines and cell phones.

Here is list of apps to choose from to connect with your family and friends.


Facetime for Mac is not just limited to iPhone anymore. Now you can enjoy by having calls to iPhone 4, iPod touch or Mac over WiFifacetime icon title20101020 10 Best Free Alternatives to Skype. Facetime provides quality video calling experience with a lifesize head. To get hands on experience, get your copy of Facetime from here.


This free software lets you videoconference up to six participants at a time. It provides videocalling, voice calling, web-oovoo logo 200 10 Best Free Alternatives to Skypebased video, and even delivers service to call phone lines for a charge.


A Mac based instant messaging application that works with your AIM or MobileMe account. It offers video calls with ichat logo 10 Best Free Alternatives to Skype excellent voice quality with the integration of your iSight video camera.

Gizmo Project

Gizmo Project is an open source SIP based P2P client that enables free calls worldwide. It has features like Call In andimages 3 10 Best Free Alternatives to Skype Call Out, instant messaging, and the ability to record conversations. Currently it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Google Talk

Google Talk is a light weight VoIP application for windows. It is available in two flavors: a widget to use from agtalk logo 10 Best Free Alternatives to Skype Google site and downloadable software with 1.5MB of size. It integrates directly with a user’s Google Personalized Homepage, and the Google Talk application automatically loads your contacts from a Gmail account, speeding setup time.


A simple web-based service which kills the need to download and install standalone application like Skype for tokbox logo 10 Best Free Alternatives to Skypevideo-conference.  It also offers group video-conferencing with 2 to 200 people.


Germany-based app offers free chat messages including audio and video, photo and file sharing up to 200MB.combots 10 Best Free Alternatives to Skype


EvaPhone provides Free VoIP service that lets you make PC-to-phone free international calls.Evaphone 10 Best Free Alternatives to Skype


TuiTalk lets you to make free international phone calls to over 40 countries. It only works with Windows Mobile Phone,tuitalk logo 10 Best Free Alternatives to Skype iPhone, and PC.


A windows based free app enables calls between Vbuzzer users like Skype. It provides instant vbuzzer logo 10 Best Free Alternatives to Skype messaging lowest call rates to landlines.

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  • Bonchips

    http://www.faceflow.com offers video calling and video conferencing directly on the web, for free. They do not offer landline calling if that’s what you want however.

  • Onssais

    NYMGO is the most compatitive when it comes to prices and quality. Please check it out http://www.nymgo.com, you will find it the best when it comes to making international calls.

  • Balu

    ekiga is my favourite

  • Aliasgar Babat

    RHUB web conferencing servers http://www.rhubcom.com is a very good alternative to Skype. You may try the same.