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Important SEO Tips to consider while Making your Site

Posted by: 17 December 2010 6 Comments

Assuming that you’ve decided to make a new website, but you don’t know how people search for information through search engines, most probably Google.

First thing is you need to have some good designer, so that you can design in a way search engines love. It doesn’t matter whether its a blog or static html site, you must have full command on your designing stuff.

Today I am going to give you a little intro about what to do with your newly born website/blog, so that you can get some good rankings.

Naming image files

We never took interest in naming image files, like an image with name gkshjff.jpg can be named as seo-tips.jpg, which will also help in ranking you well, the bonus point of naming image is you will get traffic from Google images, which we never took interest in.

Don’t dilute your page with Links

Interlinking your pages (means links that point to other pages of your website) is good for SEO, but don’t dilute it with too many links, it will eventually lower your rank, more then 100 links per page, will start diluting your pages.

Avoid Redundant Links

People sometimes think that linking to some specific page many times in your site, will help in increasing rank of that page, but that’s not really true, search engine (Google) will only count one link, so don’t do it, indeed it looks like a poor act for your readers.

Deep Links Will Really Help

Deep linking is a good way to rank your internal pages, so don’t miss it. Indeed deep linking will help people to get more information on the point you are talking about. Deep links enable your internal pages to rank well in search engines due to which your old content will not get waste and your visitor will also get maximum information on the topic they are reading because of other relevant content on your site.

But the use of deep links in correct manner is really important, because Google only love relevant content not just a bunch of waste links for seo purposes.

Deep Linking Process Map 580x314 Important SEO Tips to consider while Making your Site

Having A Blog

If it’s not really a blog and some business or company site, you must add blog in it, because Google loves freshness, but that does not mean you add a bunch of garbage in your blog, keep your blog updated with fresh, new and unique content. Blog is a place where people usually come again to read content, and people use to bookmarks blogs or subscribe to their mailing list, in this way when you post new content people will come to read and this will increase the chance of your product to get sold.

Use of Anchor Text Accurately

learn seo basics anchor text 150x150 Important SEO Tips to consider while Making your Site

While deeplinking your internal pages, you must use correct anchor text for powerful rankings. It will then be easy for a search engine bot to relate your pages. Commenting on blog and directory submission already deals with anchor text, while you are commenting on anyone’s blog, you should check others comment while they are using keywords or name, if they are using keywords then you must use your keyword as anchor text, otherwise you should put your name.

During directory submissions you’ve to be careful about anchor text, because proper usage of anchor text while submitting to directory will give you high rankings.

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  • http://www.techpaparazzi.com/ Sarvanshu | Tech Tips, News

    You have listed some great inside tips…TANQ !

  • http://twitter.com/seo_queens Seo Queen

    Thanks for sharing this great tips. It is very important to work on on-site optimization because this will make it easier for the person who will work on off-site optimization for the website to achieve high rankings in quickly.

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    Google has changed the way the technology of search engines, usually all the techniques of search engine optimization is based on studies of Google.

  • http://www.justm109r.com/ m109

    These tips are really good, but very difficult to follow. but I’m still learning how to get backlinks. but I have the habit of commenting on other blogs. I’ll try to learn to do more backlinks.

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    This is nice post. its provide better information regarding to SEO tips which is very beneficial in order to grow online business as well as expand the business opportunities.

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    What a informative post. I’m hoping to read more about your thoughts about Search Engine Optimization. Because I’m really confuse on the different information about SEO, I found your post very useful. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful post.