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Google Event: Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store

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Google held an event this morning in San Francisco to make some special announcements. On top of the agenda was the long-awaited Chrome OS as well as the Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome Web Store

ChromeWebStore Google Event: Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store
Its an open marketplace for web apps which allows Users to discover a broad range of amazing web apps while developers will be able to reach millions of new users worldwide. It is intended to connect developers — especially small, independent developers — and end users.

You can access Chrome Web Store from here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/

chrome web store 481x380 Google Event: Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store

Chrome OS

One of the more recent insights given at the event about Chrome OS is that Google’s operating system differs from Android in that it’s intended for traditional, PC-type devices, including netbooks. Android will continue to be Google’s OS for mobile phones and tablets. To make it short Android is for touch based devices that might include TV’s as well where as Chrome OS is for PC like devices.

The browser-based operating system boasts a suite of unique features, including:

  • Cloud-based printing via Google Cloud Print
  • Short startup/boot time (it takes less than 60 seconds to launch Chrome OS for the very first time)
  • Profile sharing: A Chrome OS computer can be shared with others and accessed on other Chrome OS devices via guest profiles.
  • 3G access: All Chrome devices ship with 3G built-in. The 3G is powered by Verizon. There are no contracts or activation fees for Chrome OS.
  • More security: Chrome OS utilizes OS-level sandboxing and data encryption to keep the device secure. It also has the ability to detect malicious code and purge itself of the bad code.

chrome present 580x347 Google Event: Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome OS Devices Will Come to Stores in Mid-2011

Hardware will be coming from Acer and Samsung with Intel chips. Devices will go on sale globally in mid-2011. The Chrome OS netbook is a cloud computing device. “Users always have the option to stay connected” says Pichai. Every Chrome OS device will be shipped with data connectivity, both Wi-Fi and 3G networks. Google is partnering with Verizon on that part.

What do you think about Chrome OS? Would you buy that?

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