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Microsoft Windows: Happy 25th Anniversary

Posted by: 21 November 2010 5 Comments

The first Microsoft Windows was released to the world in November 1985. It has been 25 years since the obnoxious Operating System aka Microsoft Windows is around. The very first version i.e. Windows 1.0 was not actually an Operating System but only a GUI program that runs on top of DOS.

Since then, Microsoft has made billions by selling its line of Operating Systems called Windows. Below are the years and versions when Windows was launched.

windows 25 years Microsoft Windows: Happy 25th Anniversary

Graphic via ZDNet UK

While one can argue about the efficiency of the Operating System, its security problems, its price and monopoly by Microsoft; Microsoft Windows has unarguably changed the way we use PC’s today. Although, most of the computing is now shifting towards Mobile and Tablet computers, Microsoft Windows will be remembered for its role in expanding Personal Computer market.

In my honest opinion, Windows 7 is by far the best OS released by Microsoft and I am looking forward to Windows 8.

Which version of Microsoft Windows did you use first? care to share?

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  • http://www.techperk.com/ Praveen@Techperk

    Hi Umair

    I wish the same as well :)

  • http://bloggingwithsuccess.net Ishan

    Hi Umair, My first Windows was Windows ME. While many people do not like it, I loved it. Then I jumped to XP, avoided Vista and after buying a new laptop, I use Win 7 Pro now. Win 7, without any doubt is best OS made by MS.

  • http://www.tecrux.com Umair H. Peracha

    I used ME as well and I found it much more pleasing then windows 98; and of course, Windows 7 is the best OS by far from Microsoft.


    Anyone have Idea when microsoft is launching Windows 8 ??

  • http://www.tecrux.com Umair H. Peracha

    Most probably in late 2011 or early 2012…but that’s just a wild guess.