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OnLive’s MicroConsole: Play PC games on TV

Posted by: 18 November 2010 One Comment

Onlive’s Microconsole is a smart device that allows you to play high-end PC games on your TV. Now you can play high end computer games on your TV without using any PC and expensive graphics cards.

OnLive MicroConsole 496x380 OnLives MicroConsole: Play PC games on TV

OnLive’s cloud-based game service allows nearly any Internet-connected laptop or desktop to play a variety of high-end PC games via a unique streaming system. All the resource intensive computations are done at the remote servers and the game is then streamed to your computer using Internet connection. The Microconsole from Onlive is a device that eliminates the need of PC and let you play PC games on your TV.

OnLive’s MicroConsole will ship on December 2nd with a price tag of $99 which includes a wireless controller and one game. You can order more games for $49 each. MicroConsole is a small adaptor with an Ethernet input and video outputs. Along with the custom wireless controller, a keyboard and mouse can be used to play the games.

OnLive Wireless Controller 496x380 OnLives MicroConsole: Play PC games on TV

There are a number of games available currently such as Mafia II, Assassin’s Creed II, and Borderlands. You can also rent a game for some time to play. The games you purchase now will be available to you by June 2013.

So what do you think of this amazing device? Will you buy it? Do let us know.

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    That’s not a news now. I have been playing games on TV many years ago.