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Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks – Shortcut Keys

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We discussed some cool feature of Windows 7 in Taskbar Shortcuts and Tweaks. Today, we’ll be talking about Shortcut keys that come in handy when using Microsoft Windows 7.

Microsoft Windows 7 icon Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks – Shortcut Keys

Cool Shortcut Keys for Windows 7


This opens a preview pane at the right side of explorer. Next time when you have to view some picture or movie or any other file, you don’t have to open it, just select the file and press ALT+P and see the preview.

previewpane 350x211 Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks – Shortcut Keys

Windows Key + Up

This combination maximized the current window. You can press it to Make window maximized. It works the same as double clicking the Title Bar

Windows Key + Down

This combination of keys, when pressed, restores the windows if it is maximized or minimizes it if not maximized. This combination should be used with Windows Key + Up to minimize, restore, and maximize any window.

Windows + Shift + Up and Windows + Shift + Down

This Key Combination makes the window Vertically maximum (Up) and back to its original place(Down). In doing so, the width of the windows remains the same. Only the height is changed.

Windows Key + +(Plus) and Windows Key+ -(Minus)

This combination of keys launches the built-in magnifier program and zooms in or out (depend on + or -) the screen. You can further play with this magnifier tools and use it for your own needs.

magnifier Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks – Shortcut Keys

Windows Key + Left and Windows Key + Right

These are my favorite Shortcut Keys. The combination shift the opened windows to left or right of the screen. The windows then  takes exactly half of the screen. Keep pressing Windows Key + Left and your window will go to left of the screen, then right of the screen, and then back to its original place.

Windows Key + Home

There is a cool feature in Windows 7 that makes using windows easy and increase productivity by hiding all other windows and letting only one window shown. This feature is called Jitter. Using mouse you can select your windows and give it a nudge (moving mouse left and right while mouse key is pressed). This hides all other windows and keep your window opened. Repeat the same again and all other windows will appear.

Alternatively, you can use  Windows Key + Home to do the same. Press it to hide all other windows, press it again to show them.

ATL + Tab and Windows Key + Tab

Since long, windows is coming with these shortcut keys that come in very handy when switching between windows. The ALT+TAB key shows all the opened programs and you can switch between the windows. Press ALT (Keep Pressing) and press Tab until you find your desired program. Release the ALT key when your desired program is selected. The program windows will appear on the top.

windowskey tab 350x216 Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks – Shortcut Keys

Since Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced another such feature that you can use by pressing (keep pressing) Windows Key and Pressing Tab. This feature is much cooler and lets your switch between open Programs.

Windows Key + T and Windows Key + [Number]

Windows + T is a wonder full shortcut key that lets you toggle between the programs listed in Taskbar. Press Windows Key (Keep Pressing) and Press T to move from one icon to another. The icons in Taskbar can be opened programs as well as Tabbed Programs. Windows Key + T toggle between all the icons on Taskbar and opens any program for you.

Window T 350x156 Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks – Shortcut Keys

Similarly, Windows Key + [Number ] (1,2,3,…) can open the program listed at that number. If the program is tabbed, a new instance of it will be launched and if the program is running, its window will be minimized / maximized.

Windows Key + E

There is always a need to open Explorer window. But is one of its instance is running, and you click on it, the same windows appears on screen. To open a new instance of Explorer, you can either Press Shift + Click or Middle Key of your Mouse or you can simply use Windows Key + E.

Windows Key+ P and Windows Key+ shift + [Left, Right]

If you have multiple monitors attached to you system you can easily switch between them using these Keys. Windows Key + P open the Panel from where you can select different settings for your multiple Displays. Also, you can use Window Key + Shift + Left to change between multiple screens.

Window + P 350x75 Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks – Shortcut Keys

Windows Key+ Space

Another cool feature of Windows 7 is its Peek feature. The right most button on your Taskbar is the Show Desktop / Peek button. Just hover your mouse over it and it will show your desktop by hiding all the open windows. The peek feature can also be accessed using Windows Key + Space. Press Windows Key(keep pressing) and press space to Peek at the desktop.

windows7 preview desktop 350x218 Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks – Shortcut Keys

Windows Key + G

Gadgets are a nice addition to windows plate form since the days of Vista. There are dozen of Gadgets out there for Weather, Calender, RSS Feeds, and much more. Unfortunately, the Show Desktop button shows the Desktop with out Gadgets. Thus there is not easy way to access gadgets in time of need. But there is a trick to peek at your gadgets even if you have a dozen windows opened. Press Windows Key + G and all your gadgets will show on the top of every thing.

Windows Key + X

Mobility Center is not new to Windows. It was there in Vista too. But it is a cool feature and many of us would like to access it. Press Windows Key + X and the mobility center will appear.

Ctrl + Alt + [Left, Right, Up, Down]

Last but not the least. This is a cool feature that changes the orientation of your screen. Just give it a try and see for your self.

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