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Browser War : Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox

Posted by: 7 July 2010 4 Comments

Web Browser is the software program that you use to visit web pages. There are a lot of web browsers out there but which one is the best? No one can tell. There is a war going on between browsers and every browser is trying to beat other. Let’s see which one will die and which one will survive.


Google Chrome is an awesome web browser and it is evident by the statistics i.e. Chrome is found on PC’s of 8-9% Internet Users (as of May 2010) and it is increasing rapidly . People are leaving other browsers and switching to Chrome. Chrome is one big market eater and has eaten away a huge portion of market share of Internet Explorer. Although, Firefox is still around with a huge market share, it is losing the war.

pic chrome Browser War : Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox

The advantage Google Chrome has over other web browsers is its Human Interaction. The browser gets out of the way, as much as possible, from the user and the content, thus maximizing productivity and ease of use. Another advantage of that Chrome has over other browsers is that it keeps itself to minimum and lets all non-typical tasks to be undertaken by extensions. This highly increases browser’s speed and user satisfaction because users can optimize the browser according to their needs.


pic opera Browser War : Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox

Opera also jumped onto the bandwagon of user satisfaction, a few days ago, and produced user interface similar to Chrome i.e. tabs on the top etc. Opera also claims to be the fastest browser around. With adapting to industry standards of ease of use and usability, Opera is a good contender for the “Browser War”. Although, it has only managed to have 2-3% share of the market, it is consistent in this regards.

Internet Explorer

pic ie Browser War : Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox

Internet Explorer is losing the market hold to Chrome i.e. its market share is currently 47.5%. It is heavy, bulky, and doesn’t provide its audience with ways of customization. It is also a night mare for web developers to develop content that is equally functional on IE and other Browsers. IE tends to invent its own standards and thus it is difficult to follow for the developers.


pic firefox Browser War : Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox

Firefox is still one of the most widely used web browser with its market share of 32%+. It follows the same philosophy as of Chrome when it comes to “keep it simple”. Firefox also supports a great deal of Add-ons to customize you web experience. But Firefox is threatened by the ease of use that Chrome offers. But, fortunately for all those Firefox fans out there, Firefox 4 is about to change that for you. Reportedly, it will offer similar GUI as of Chrome.

Tell us which browser you use and why? Which browser do you think would lead the market and which would die off?

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  • Gspot2007

    IE9 is the king of them. Really the beautiful web. 

  • Gspot2007

    IE9 is the king of them. Really the beautiful web. 

  • Liz

    I find this article really hard to read. It needs a proofreader. It is full of improper punctuation, nonstandard phrases and missed or unnecessary words. I think it will be awesome if someone will clean it up and get rid of vague tech speak, like “Firefox is threatened by the ease of use that Chrome offers.” What does that mean?