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How to Fix blackra1n ASL.dll Error

Posted by: 6 July 2010 36 Comments

When jailbreaking iPhone using blackra1n most of us would have noticed that sometimes we get an error while running the blackra1n.exe:

The program can’t start because ASL.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

ASL How to Fix blackra1n ASL.dll Error

Which further leads to the following window if we run blackra1n.

blackra1n not responding How to Fix blackra1n ASL.dll Error

Usually this error occurs on windows. Reinstalling blackra1n again will not fix this problem. A simple solution to this problem is to place blacra1n.exe in Apple Folder in the Common files.

32 Bit –C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support

If you are using 64 Bit Windows place that file in :

64 Bit – C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support

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  • Jonedai

    Pls tell me how to place blackrain.exe file in apple folder.

  • http://www.tecrux.com/ Usman

    copy the downloaded blackra1n.exe and paste it in the above mentioned folder

  • Nickk_bvtn

    this duxnt help for people like me

    i don’t seem to have an “apple folder”, nor a “common files”

    sorry for my ingnorance

    i have vista btw : (

  • http://www.tecrux.com/ Usman

    Do you have iTunes installed ?

  • Blackhops96

    i dont have the apple application support

  • http://www.tecrux.com/ Usman

    Right-click the iTunesSetup.exe icon and “Open with WinRAR”
    Double-click Apple Application Support.msi and when the installer window is open choose “Repair”.

  • Aeneid

    Wow.. it actually worked!! Thanks alot mate!!

  • http://www.tecrux.com Usman

    An easy fix for this problem. You are welcome.

  • xavip

    I do not have the application support folder!

  • http://www.tecrux.com Usman

    Which version of iTunes are you using ?

  • Diego the dog


  • kpAngel

    OMG IT WORKED! Thank you so much!!! :D

  • Prince

    thanks alot and its really working the way how you described… cheers

  • Sabrihamad

    You are the MAN
    thank you

  • Soldwithjoel

    It worked!! You are the man!

  • Ela

    It worked! Thank you!!!

  • Fábio Assis

    Muito obrigado.
    Você é o cara!
    Fábio Assis

  • Ramzi

    i Did this but when i clicked on the make it ra1n button it took hours without working why ???

  • http://www.tecrux.com/ Usman

    you need to make sure that you are copying the file to the right place or not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Omgitsjustin1 Justin Sargeant

    64 Bit – C:Program Files(x86)Common FilesAppleApple Application Support dosent exist what do i do i only have C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile Device Support

  • http://www.tecrux.com/ Usman

    Make sure that you have iTunes installed.

  • Laylay_43

    i  know i have it in the right place.. but when it goes into recovery mode it just stops working, i restart m phone and it hasn’t done anything

  • http://www.tecrux.com/ Usman

    may be you are not using the right OS.

  • Mica_wykes

    I don’t have a “Apple Folder” or “common files” I’m sooo confused and i tried to right click the itunes installer like you preciously commented but when i do there is no option to “open with” PLEASSE HELP!

  • Mikyasam

    you saved my life, thanks

  • Mikyasam

    you saved my life, thanks

  • Lace

    I dont have an apple folder? how can i fix that?

  • guest27

    click on the computer icon
    click on local disk (c)
    click on program files(x86)
    click the apple folder
    then apple application support folder
    drag blackrain to that folder

  • Marvinnavarro4


  • tommyk

    Why do I have to reboot after running it?

  • Fz1192

    you download redsnow

  • Cynthia Garza

    When I drag into the folder in the 64 it says access denied.

  • Meablu

    run as administrator

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UBCBQGXGYB3A65U7TP7PT3B3QM Katsumoto Yamada

    omFG!!!1 tnx u so mch ur a damn lifesaving son of a Indian…:D 0.0

  • http://www.belowtradeprices.co.uk/serve-over-counter.aspx Serve Over Counter

    I have also faced this error and don’t know how to solve it. Thanks for this post , you have shared the very good information for solving this issues..

  • Aedsgsg

    thank you!!