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Google Chrome Portable

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Hi folks,

Google Chrome is one of the most popular Web Browser in the world. It is an open source web browser based on WebKit rendering engine (used in Apple Safari). The biggest reason for its success is its ease of use and light weight.

Google Chrome offers a variety of features that were not present in older browsers. From easy bookmarking to searching from address bar, from extensions to themes, and many more; Google Chrome has revolutionized the way people used to browse.

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It is now becoming a trend to keep a web browser with you and use it where ever you go. Portable web browser allows you to have all the necessary stuff installed and available everywhere, it keeps the bookmarks intact and history saved.

Google Chrome Portable is also a portable web browser. It supports many features of portable web browser. It does not support password saving in between computers though.

You can get your copy from Source Forge site: Google Chrome Portable

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