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5 Helpful Google Search Tactics

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Look for different file types.

Sometimes we need to find documents or presentations related to a particular topic from internet. In order to find these already made Power Point Presentations, Word Documents or PDF files, Google provide us a useful search tactic to make our search a lot easier and efficient. To find a particular document (example PPT), you just have to enter your usual search string plus filetype:ppt to find only PPT pages. This method also works for other file formats whose list is mentioned here.


software filetype:pdf

Look for the person behind the Google image result.

Sometimes while using the Google Image Search, we are looking for the image of a particular person behind any product, company or occasions. This Google search manipulation technique will filter the search results so that they include only images of people. In order to use this tactic you have to append the code &imgtype=face to the end of the URL address after you perform a standard Google Image search.

For example, if I want to search for the term “sad” then the Google image results page displays different sad smiley. But to find the images of sad people we will have to add the above mentioned code to our URL.


Exclude results from a particular search

Sometimes we search a particular item but we want to omit certain parts or results of that search. This search trick will filter out the unnecessary results from the search. To do this you have to add hyphen (-) along with the item or result you want to exclude.

For example, if you want you want to find the latest news and views about Microsoft products but you don’t want to view the news about Microsoft Office products then you just have to type Microsoft -office.

Find Quality Free Stuff

Sometimes you are in search for quality free stuff like free desktop wallpaper, stock images or Word Press templates on internet particularly on the social media websites. While doing these types of searches, we often use the word “free” in our search string. This standard search query immediately pulls in various types of spam in your search result. Therefore, in order to get free items that have already been ranked and reviewed by an active community of users, you just have guide Google to search through each of the specific Social Media Website. Example:

site:mixx.com free “desktop wallpaper”

Find the meaning of any word

Most of the time we want to find the meaning or definition of a particular word. With huge amount of information and knowledge on internet, we can make good use of Google to find out the meaning of a word instead of using or looking in a dictionary. In order to search the meaning of a word, all you have to do is to use the “define:” keyword before any word you want to look up on Google. This trick will not only give you the meaning or definition of the word rather it will also provide you with the number of other definitions along with related links to have more information. For example:


Google also enable us to find the meanings of abbreviations, jargons and other stuff like SMS Language. Example:

Abbreviations – define:UNICEF

Jargons – define: Web 2.0

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