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Windows Live Mail – Best Email Client for Hotmail

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Everyone uses free email service such as Hotmail. While these services are convenient and Free and available from everywhere with a simple browser; they lack one thing, email client. An email client is a piece of software sitting on client machine and performing operations such as sending and receiving emails.

There are a lot of email clients out there in the market from all expensive Microsoft Office Outlook to Free Open Source Thunder Bird. But when it comes to connectivity with Hotmail and ease of use, nothing beats Microsoft Windows Live Mail. It is the Best Email Client for Hotmail.

windowslivemail 450x283 Windows Live Mail – Best Email Client for Hotmail

Windows Live Mail is free software from Microsoft that comes in a package called Windows Live Essentials that includes features like Windows Live Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Messenger, Sync, Movie Maker and Family Safety among others.

Windows Live Mail is continuation of Microsoft earlier product Outlook Express/Windows Mail. Apart from basic features of Outlook Express/Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail also offers support for Web-based e-mail accounts including Windows Live HotmailGmail (Google Mail), and Yahoo! Mail. It also includes support for Synchronization of Windows Live Contacts, RSS feeds, Emoticons, Spell Check etc.

You can obtain Windows Live Mail free from here: http://download.live.com/wlmail.

add hotmail to windows live mail 366x300 Windows Live Mail – Best Email Client for Hotmail

To use this Windows Live Mail you need to setup account. It is very easy to set up windows live mail account for Hotmail.  You can have multiple accounts, all having different folders as inbox. Click onto Add e-mail account. Enter your Hotmail email address and password press next and finish. Windows Live Main will download all the emails from the Hotmail server. It also downloads all the folders that you have created to keep emails, from Hotmail server.

overview 398x300 Windows Live Mail – Best Email Client for Hotmail

The biggest advantage of using an email client such as Windows Live Mail is that you can access your old email even if you are not online. Moreover, it saves time in compiling and sending emails. It also takes very little resources and is very quick and responsive.

Enjoy safe emailing icon wink Windows Live Mail – Best Email Client for Hotmail

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