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5 Best BlackBerry Apps

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For the BlackBerry users who are searching for the best apps, now you don’t have to search for an individual app. We are providing you with the best apps for your BlackBerry phone.

1. Opera Mini

If you are tired using your default browser you can download this app on your BlackBerry. The default browser of BlackBerry is very slow as compared to Opera mini, especially in the older version of Blackberry. OS 5.0 browser to some extent is better as compared to the older OS browser. Beside this you can run Youtube videos directly from opera mini.

2. Google Maps

Gone are days when we had to keep a map with us while travelling because now Google provides you with an app from which you can browse maps on your BlackBerry. Now this seems to be a really good thing, because during travelling we often forget which direction to go. So if you are lost somewhere and don’t know where to go don’t forget to open Google Maps.

3. Google Apps

Now with Google Apps you can access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Docs, and Contacts disregard of the location.

4. Skype

This app for Skype allows you to get online and talk to your friends on the go. If you are on the move and you don’t want to spend money on making calls (international or local) you can sign in from your Skype account and make calls to anyone.

5. MySpace

Now with this app you can access MySpace from your BlackBerry. Update your status, View profiles, upload photos or do anything you like. You can even send or receive MySpace mails via this app.

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